Building Signs


Let Signquick help you select the right type of building sign for your business.

Signquick specializes in many different types of building signs.  Your building signs are the quickest way for your customers to find your business.   What does your sign say about your company? Do you stand out from the competition?  Signquick can help you make these signage decisions.

Building Signs

Whether you choose an lighted cabinet, acrylic letters, dimensional letters or channel letters, your building sign is a informational tool and marketing advertisement rolled into one.

Lighted Cabinet Signs

Lighted Cabinet Signs are a very common type of lighted sign. They are mostly used for storefront signs.  Lighted Cabinet signs offer many options to choose from.

They are internally illuminated by either LED lighting.   Our Lighted Cabinet Signs offer thinner cabinets as compared to flourescent bulbs.

Lighted Cabinet Signs can be wall mounted or attached to a post.  Post mounted signs can be single or double faced.  Wall mounted cabinet signs are usually single faced.

Dimensional Letters

Dimensional letters are a cost effective method to advertise your business.   They can be used on your building for interior or exterior purposes.  Dimensional letters come in quality long lasting materials that won’t chip, crack, fade or discolor for a long time.  Signquick offers cast metals, plastic and acrylic materials.  They can be painted to match your company colors.

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