Safety Signs


Many safety signs are designed to keep people safe, often by warning them of potential dangers. Signs that use words or phrases like "watch your step", "danger", and "caution" are safety signs.

These safety signs may be found on machines, equipment, and other potential safety hazards. They can also be found in buildings, homes, parks, and many other places.

Signquick makes safety signs for numerous types of safety hazards. We make danger safety signs (also known as hazard safety signs) to warn people about immediate safety concerns that could result in injury. We make safety signs to warn people about less immediate safety concerns, including safety issues that could result in property damage.

Each safety sign has a specific meaning, so it's important to be aware of the different types.

The most commonly found safety signs include:

-Stop Signs - These red octagonal signs with an exclamation point in the center tell drivers to stop their cars.

-Do Not Enter - These black signs with a large white "no" symbol on them tell people not to enter certain areas, such as construction sites or safety zones under construction.

-Construction Signs - Construction safety signs often include phrases like "road work ahead", "caution", and the familiar triangle warning sign, which tells people that safety hazards are ahead.

-Emergency Exit Only - These signs indicate that an exit is nearby, usually found at the end of aisles in large buildings to help people find their way out in case of emergencies.

Some safety signs warn workers about safety concerns they may face when working with or near certain materials or objects. In some cases, safety signs also include safety markings to increase safety awareness.

-Do Not Operate - These black and yellow safety signs indicate that a particular machine or object is not safe for use.

-No Smoking - These red signs with a white "no" symbol on them encourage people to stop smoking in certain areas.

-Caution - These safety signs tell people to be cautious in various situations, such as when approaching a forklift or other heavy machine.

-Radiation Hazard - These safety signs indicate the presence of potentially dangerous radiation in an area.

In certain cases, safety signs must follow specific guidelines outlined by law or safety authorities, so it's important to look for safety sign guidelines before making safety signs or safety markings.

Signquick makes many different types of safety signs for industries of all types including petrochemical and refineries.   All of our products are printed in full color on long life materials.  They are printed with UV resistant inks and can be used indoors and outdoors.  Typical materials used are lexan, aluminum, aluminum composite and plastic pvc.  Signquick specializes in Safety Signs and can create artwork for all types of events including:

  • Chemical Plant Turnarounds
  • Safety Awareness
  • Safe Hours Awards
  • OSHA Signs
  • Warehouse Signs
  • Construction Signs
  • Chemical Hazard Signs
  • Confined Space Signs

Signquick offers fast turnaround on Safety Signs.  Let us add your company logo at no additional charge.  

There are several options for Safety Signs and they include:

  • Contour Cutting
  • Special Shapes
  • Overlamination
  • Back Slit
  • Furnished on Sheets
  • Grommetts
  • Holes in Corners

For sizes or shapes not listed please contact customer service at 281-474-1313 for a fast quote.  You can also fill out our contact form here.  If you need to send us artwork or a logo please use our file upload here.





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