Self Storage Yard Signs



Self Storage Yard Signs are an economical sign material used to promote your event.  Use for announcements, directional signage, real estate and promoting your business.  Our signs are made of 4mm Coroplast which can be installed with wire frames and real estate frames.  You can also hang them from the ceiling or attach to a fence with tie straps.  Use indoors and outdoors, coroplast is a weather proof material.  Available single or double sided.  

Coroplast Yard Signs can be placed on wire stakes or slid into real estate frames.  Also use double sided tape to attach to our A-Frame and Sandwich Signs.  Let us add grommets to each corner if you want to hang on a fence with zip ties.

For indoor use just wipe clean with a damp cloth.  For outdoor use, clean with warm water and a mild soap.  Do not use harsh chemicals such as Windex or 409.  If you are storing your signs, please keep in a  dry room and do not stack anything heavy on them.

Outdoor durable and weather resistant.  Light weight.

Outdoor and Indoors, events, directional, real estate, sales

Print Method
Direct print on HP FB 500 flatbed press using four color process inks.

12-18 months outdoor in a properly placed area


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